Preparing Evangelists

The Great Commission makes it clear there is a “making” of disciples, which is also true of evangelists.

Throughout history, God has used evangelists (albeit we are all called to evangelise) in the proclamation of His Word and the saving of souls as He establishes (“plants”) new local churches.

In most parts of Europe, the need is not for pastors (there are not people to pastor!) but for evangelists. Men who commit themselves to the full time taking of the Gospel onto the streets and into the homes of the multitudes of lost souls around them.

Being an evangelist does not require a born again man to spend a few years in Bible College but it does require some preparation.

By God’s grace, we have had the joy of helping men across Europe, in various ways, prepare themselves as evangelists and support them in doing so. What greater privilege could there be, this side of heaven, than to proclaim the Good News of Christ crucified, resurrected and ascended?

If you would like to know more about becoming an evangelist, more about Biblical evangelism, if we can help you reach out into your community contact us.